Bone Conduction Hearing Amplifier

● Around-The-Neck
● Charged by Micro USB
● Advanced noise reduction
● Enhanced speech recognition

✅ Bone Conduction Technology:
Converts sound waves that the hearing amplifier picks up and converts it into sound vibration. The sound vibration then vibrates the skull directly and transmits the sound directly to the inner ear without passing through the traditional way, the ear.

✅ Noise Reduction:
A built-in function uses sophisticated algorithms tuning to sort through the surrounding sounds that you are exposed to, filters, and suppresses the noise from actual speech sound. Less background noise = clearer conversations with loved ones.

✅ Rechargeable Function:
Includes a built-in rechargeable battery that is encased in the device. The average recharge time to fully recharge the hearing aid is ± 2 hours. There will be an indicator light to indicate that the device is charging. Up to 11 hours of continuous use per charge.

✅ Bluetooth Function:
A built-in Bluetooth chip that has a 2-way function. It can be paired with mobile devices. Playback the audio media from the connected device such as music and video. You will be able to make and received phone calls and talk naturally without holding the phone to the device. This allows you to received and make phone calls at the same hearing level too without needing to adjust the volume to your hearing needs.

1 x Bone Conduction Hearing Amplifier
1 x Micro USB
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-6E44
Type:Bone Conduction
Continuous Use:Up to 10 hours
Battery Type:Rechargeable Battery
Dimension:172 x 137 x 17.2 mm
Weight:50.4 g


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