Bluetooth Wind Turbine Generator 600W for Land

Think Green, Live Green
● Maintenance Free
● 360 Degrees Rotation
● DIY Instruction Provided
● Included MPPT (Digital Display)
● Over Charging and Heating Protection

✅ Features:
Integrated automatic braking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed. Easy DIY installation methods with all materials provided. Can be used in conjunction with solar panels. MPPT Maximum power point tracking is included. Made with high-quality Polypropylene and Glass Fiber material with a weather-resistant seal.

✅ Protection Against:
UV protection coating, Sudden voltage surge, and wind gust, high wind speeds with integrated automatic braking system + manual braking switch, and overcharging of the battery.

✅ Warranty:
1-year manufacturer warranty.

1 x Turbine
3 x Blades
1 x Nose Cone
1 x MPPT Charge Controller
1 x Hub
1 x Vertical Tail
1 x Manual Brake
1 x Accessory Pack
Model Number:DB-600
Rated Speed:12.5 m/s (41 ft/s)
Rated Power:600 W
Voltage with MPPT:Can detect 12V or 24V
Rotor Diameter:1.31 m (4.2ft)
Cut-In Wind Speed:2 m/s (4.5MPH)
Survival Wind Speed:50 m/s (110 MPH)
Suggested Battery Capacity:>100 A/Hr
MPPT Charge Controller:External (Included)
Generator:3 phrase AC
Number Of Blades:3
Blade Material:PP + Glass Fiber
Weight:12 Kg


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