Free Samples

Write us and claim your free samples.

Am I Eligible for the Free samples? 
If you are an authorized seller/reseller or manufacturer at a global or regional market, you are eligible for free samples.
How do I apply for the free sample?
Follow the steps to avail free samples for our products.
1. Send us your company details.
2. If possible, let us know how this product is going to help/contribute to your sales/customer in your region.
3. Share your company/ organization website and product/ service you are providing in your region.
4. Please use your company/ organization/ institutional email to share the information mentioned above.
Please Note:
1. Free samples don’t include shipping/ freight cost, You may need to pay shipping charges.
2. Filling the form doesn’t guarantee free samples. Our team will verify all the information shared, and based on our evaluation free samples will be allotted to you.
3. Free samples are only available once to any organization/institution/individuals.
4. If the collaboration doesn’t work out due to any reasons, the samples need to be returned (in working condition) within 2 weeks back to us. (Applies to Green Energy Products)
5. Need any further assistance/detail, write us at