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     Over the past 20 years, the founder and executive director of DIGISINE along with his engineer team have been engaged in research & development, management, and production in the areas of healthcare, green energy, and home protection.

     With the aspect of innovation, we have recruited engineers from all over the world. With their next-generation ideas and our experienced staff members, together we will take the concept of innovation to the next level.

     At Digisine, we care about the users’ hearing health by offering the most advanced technologies and products that can meet the various demands of users, and help people connect with the world again. In a rapidly changing world, hearing technology advancement is definitely required. In the past decade, we have been continuously investing in research and development of hearing solutions, bringing the most cutting-edge hearing technologies to people with hearing loss. In addition to enhancing the technology of hearing, we are also focusing on offering the comprehensive services that are built up with skilled audiologists and hearing aid dispensers all across our channels.


Who We Are

DIGISINE ENERGYTECH CO., LTD is a well established company based in Taipei, Taiwan since 2001.

We have a strong focus in innovation and diversifying our product lines to our local and international customers. Our customer base is made up of resellers, system integrators, managed service providers, e-tailers and retailers across the world.

Backed by DIGISINE’s strong portfolio of products and services, we are able to offer our customers an all in one and end-to-end solution on hard to find items.

Through many years of experience,we have a solid understanding of market challenged and customer requirements and we are constantly expanding our products and services in line with the shifting needs and trends. Like us, we want our partners to grow , thrive and succeed. 

We are flexible, agile, client-focused and we’re always a step ahead in the fast-paced digital universe. We have a full inhouse Research and Development (R&D) team that are focused on evolving our product lines. Manufacturing is also done by our company in Taiwan, we have full control of the design and quality of our products from A to Z and is able to accommodate and service customers that are small and medium-sized businesses as well as have the logistics capabilities to service larger organizations too.

Our factory is based in Taiwan and are ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA and CE compliant

We here at DIGISINE focus on 3 main product lines
1) Healthcare
2) Green Energy
3) Home Protection

Health care
– Hearing aids (Bluetooth / App compatible / Cloud / Self-Fitting)
– Hearing amplifiers
– Hearing aid dehumidifier and accessories
– Ultrasonic denture cleaners

Green Energy
– Wind turbines (400W / 600W / 1,500W)
– Hybrid systems (wind turbine + solar panels + inverter systems)
– Hybrid lighting street light systems (wind turbine + solar panels + LED lighting)
– Inverters (300W/500W/1,000W/1,500W/2,500W/4,500W/Bluetooth/App controller)
– Hybrid inverters (AC → DC / DC → AC / Bluetooth / App controller)


Home Protection
– Indoor ultrasonic pest repellers (Bluetooth / App controller)
– Outdoor ultrasonic pest / animal / bird repeller (Bluetooth / App controller)
– Car ultrasonic pest repeller
– UVC air purifier and cleaner

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