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     Over the past 20 years, the founder and executive director of DIGISINE along with his teams of engineers have been engaged in research & development, management, and production in the areas of healthcare, green energy, and home protection.

     With the aspect of innovation, we have recruited engineers from all over the world. With their next-generation ideas and our experienced staff members, together we will take the concept of innovation to the next level.

     At Digisine, we care about the users’ hearing health by offering the most advanced technologies and products that can meet the various demands of users, and help people connect with the world again. In a rapidly changing world, hearing technology advancement is definitely required. In the past decade, we have been continuously investing in research and development of hearing solutions, bringing the most cutting-edge hearing technologies to people with hearing loss. In addition to enhancing the technology of hearing, we are also focusing on offering the comprehensive services that are built up with skilled audiologists and hearing aid dispensers all across our channels.


Who We Are

     DIGISINE ENERGYTECH CO., LTD. is one of the leaders in supplying innovative products globally. Established in 2009, DIGISINE is dedicated to offering high-quality products specializing in hearing technologies, bringing people with hearing loss the best hearing experience.

     To be customer- oriented, we valued customer insights and launched a cloud-based platform that allows hearing care professionals to now meet the needs of all patients across the world. We promised that our products comply with the international safety standard, in which hearing aid products are certified by the CE Medical and FDA, as well as obtain a number of invention patents worldwide.

     Even with competition growing on a global scale, we are able to stay ahead of our competitors as well as the rest of the world. In recent years, we have been keen to extend the business into the international market and develop the OTC hearing care services. With the existing partners who continually support us, we have successfully launched the products in the US, Japan, U.K and South East Asian countries.

     We at DIGISINE promise to continue making our products with quality components and semiconductors that are strictly made in Taiwan, as well as bring you fast, reliable, and accessible service, to not only put a guarantee on our products but client satisfaction too.


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