Rechargeable ITC Hearing Aid

● Automatic on / off function
● 5 adjustable volume settings
● Rechargeable battery with Max. 14 hours of usage
● Easy to use and comfortable fit
● 10 Seconds delay avoiding feedback sound
● Charging stand makes your charging faster, more stable, and convenient

✅ MFA Technology:
MFA (Millisecond Frequency Adjustment) technology enhances speech recognition directly through the hearing aid. Giving you a crisp clear conversation experience from start to end.

✅ Noise Reduction:
A built-in function uses sophisticated algorithms tuning to sort through the surrounding sounds that you are exposed to, filters, and suppresses the noise from actual speech sound. Less background noise = clearer conversations with loved ones.

✅ Rechargeable Function:
Includes a built-in rechargeable battery that is encased in the device. The average recharge time to fully recharge the hearing aid is ± 2 hours. There will be an indicator light to indicate that the device is charging. Up to 10 hours of continuous use per charge.

1 x Rechargeable Hearing Aid (Pair)
1 x Charging Storage Case
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-6SC2
Max. Output @ SPL 90 dB:dB SPL
Max. Gain20 ± 3 dB
Continuous Use:up to 14 Hours
Battery Type:Rechargeable Battery
Color:Black, White
Dimension:20.5×21.8×22.8 mm / pcs
Weight: 4.4 g / pcs

SPL = Sound Pressure Level


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