108wh Lead-Acid Power Walker

Power On The Go
● Portable
● 2.1A USB Slots
● LED Flash Light
● Built-In Inverter
● Low Maintenance
● Modified Sine Wave

✅ Power Walker:
The Power Walker is a handheld portable battery that is able to produce an AC output for other equipment to draw electricity from it. There are a variety of other uses from its built-in LED flashlight to charging your mobile devices with the USB slots.

Why Use Our Power Walker
The Power Walker is light and easy to carry around for mobile use. The Power Walker is built with high-quality materials that will ensure the long-lasting life of the Power Walker. The LED flashlight can be used for around 300 hours on a battery charge. The built-in safety mechanism protects the battery such as low battery voltage warning, overload, high temperature, and output short circuit. The Power Walker comes with 2 ways of recharging the built-in battery either charging from the car lighter or directly from the AC outlet.

How To Use Our Power Walker
Power Walker is easy to operate and use. The Power Walker was designed with the plug-n-play principle, which makes it very easy for users to understand the Power Walker. All the functions are clearly labeled on the Power Walker, we have also provided an instruction manual to guide you every step of the way.
To charge the Power Walker from the car lighter, simply attach the adapter to the “charging” slot and attach the car light head into the car light slot.
To charge the Power Walker from an AC Outlet, attach the adapter to the “charging “ slot then attach the other (AC/DC Adapter) adapter that converts the car lighter head to an AC outlet head and inserts the other end of the adapter into the wall.
To make use of the AC outlet that is on the side of the Power Walker, simply switch on the inverter by the switch marked “inverter” and the battery status will show via the green and red light. If the LEDs are green that will mean that there is enough power stored in the battery for AC output use. If it’s red that means the battery is either almost flat or flat.
To switch on the LED touch simply switch on the LED by the switch marked “LED”
In order to charge your devices via USB, simply plug your device’s USB cable into the Power Walker and your device, and if there is power within the battery the power transfer will start automatically.

Where Can Our Power Walker Be Used
The Power Walker can be used in any amount of places where you need portable power. The main places that our customers use our Power Walkers are when going camping, in storage areas, tree houses, on road trips, and on marine trips to name a few. The Power Walker is so easy to use, small, and light that anyone can carry it without a fuss.

1 x Power Walker
1 x DC Plug
1 x AC/DC Adapter
1 x 9A Battery (Optional)
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-5HA
Max. Continuous Power:150W
Surge Power:300W
Wave Form:Modified Sine Wave
AC Output:1 * 100V / 110V / 120V / 220V
DC Output​:2 * USB DC 5.0 / 2.1A
LED Light:3 * White Light LED
Battery Charging Indicator:Green Light
Battery Capacity:12V/9AH (Lead-Acid Type)
Charging Time:3~4 hours (Charged by DC Power)
Dimension:27 x 10 x 22 cm
Weight:4.1 Kgs

*VOC: Open-Circuit Voltage


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