10 Features of Cloud Hearing Aid

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What is Digital Cloud Hearing Aid?

Cloud Hearing Aid is Cloud technology and Big Data influence hearing aid technology for the future.

Our cloud system Cloud Hearing Aid is compatible with any iOS or Android system. Simple and easy to test and tune your hearing aid to suit your needs directly through the myHearing App, to get a clearer sound tailored suited for you.

Cloud Hearing Aid

Mimitakara team specially design 3 types of Cloud Hearing Aid for users to choose from. The 3 types are Complete In Canal Cloud Hearing Aid, In-Ear Cloud Hearing Aid, and Behind Ear Cloud Hearing Aid.

Complete In Canal Hearing Aid

The Complete In Canal Cloud Hearing Aid styles are the smallest and most discreet hearing aids available. The user places them very deeply in the ears and must be removed by tugging on a small pull-out string. This style is fit for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, because of their small size, they usually don’t come with any manual controls, like volume or program buttons but connecting with our cloud system solve this problem.

In-Ear Cloud Hearing Aid

The In-Ear Cloud Hearing Aid sits in the lower portion of the outer ear bowl, making them comfortable and easy to use. In-Ear Cloud Hearing Aid style is slightly larger than the Complete In Canal Cloud Hearing Aid but still considered cosmetically appealing. All of the components in an In-Ear Cloud Hearing Aid are encased within a lightweight shell.

Behind Ear Cloud Hearing Aid

The Behind Ear Cloud Hearing Aid hooks over the top of your ear and rests behind the ear. A tube connects the hearing aid to an earbud that fits in your ear canal. Behind Ear Cloud Hearing Aid type is appropriate for people of all ages and those with almost any type of hearing loss via a dome style earbud that doesn’t block the entire ear canal opening.

Cloud Hearing Center

Cloud Hearing Aid is a hearing aid device that receives sound and digitizes it prior to amplification. A traditional analog hearing aid simply makes the sound wave larger to amplify sounds.

Preset Programs

6 different preset allows the user to tune their Cloud Hearing Aid in different environments.

8 Channels

Multichannel compression for Cloud Hearing Aid is one in which the amplification in each frequency channel, decreases as the amplitude of the signal in that channel increases. The dependency of amplification upon amplitude also is usually different for the various channels.

Voice Ranger

Enhances speech by using real-time directional microphone technology and advance audio transmissions between the left and right hearing aid to accurately focus on the main source of speech and suppress more distant sounds for a more relaxed and natural conversation.

Reverb Reducer

Hard surfaces often cause reverberation such as acoustic reflections and echoes by surroundings. Built-in echo reduction picks up on the reverberation using sophisticated algorithms to reduce reverberation to deliver a clearer and more natural-sounding sound hearing aid.

Bluetooth Compatible Cloud Hearing Aid

Bluetooth Compatible

Can work independently or be paired with smartphones to playback the audio media from the connected device such as music and video. Users will be able to make and receive phone calls and talk naturally without holding the phone to the device. This allows users to receive and make phone calls at the same hearing level too without needing to adjust the volume to their hearing needs.

Cloud Care Remote Service

Application Compatible

Web-based technologies connect to myHearing App from a user’s smartphone to a secure online patient portal to our computer. During a virtual consultation, audiologists are able to check in on user progress, provide counseling, and make real-time hearing aid adjustments.

Directional Microphone

Directional microphones pick up sound waves from a specific direction. The simplest directional microphones amplify the volume of important sounds that enter the microphone from a fixed, front-facing direction. Helps user achieve the clearest listening in a noisy restaurant, meeting, or party.

Cloud Hearing Center

Cloud Service

A cloud-based approach allows hearing healthcare providers to now meet the needs of all patients across the world. This enables audiologists to make adjustments to hearing aids remotely, without requiring an office visit.

IP65 Cloud Hearing Aids

IP65 Enclosure

Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.

Cloud Hearing Aid myHearing APP


Our Digital Cloud Hearing Aid compatible with any iOS and Android systems. Simple and easy to test and tune users hearing aid to suit their needs directly through the myHearing App, to get a clearer sound tailored suited for users.

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