Ionizer Purifier

Our Ionizer Air Purifier products don’t use any chemicals so it is not harmful to humans or pets.

  • Ionic Air Purifier

    Best HOME PROTECTION Manufacturer

    Cleaner Air, Better Health
    ● Plug-n-Play
    ● LED night light
    ● High neg-ion concentration
    ● Compact advance technology
    ● Around the clock 24/7 protection
    ● Negative ion cleaning technology
    ● Reduce allergies, bacterias, and viruses

  • Dust Mite Reducer

    Ionizer Purifier

    Inspect, Protect, Prevent
    ● Ultrasonic Speakers
    ● Power By AC Adapter
    ● Around The Clock 24/7 Protection
    ● Reduce Allergies, Bacterias, And Viruses
    ● UVC Wavelength 254nm Air Cleaning Technology
    ● Universal Power Supply from 100V to 240V

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