Best Healthcare Manufacturer

  • MFi RIE Hearing Aid

    MFi Hearing Aid

    ● Made for iPhone
    ● BLE Technology
    ● ​Rechargeable
    ● Audio Streaming
    ● Environment Preset and Earbud
    ● Individually adjusted volume for either ear

  • Bone Conduction Hearing Amplifier

    Bluetooth Hearing Aid

    ● Around-The-Neck
    ● Charged by Micro USB
    ● Advanced noise reduction
    ● Enhanced speech recognition

  • Portable UV-C Sanitizer and Dryer

    Hearing Aid Accessories

    Cleaner Air, Better Health
    ● Powered by Micro USB
    ● 3 timer settings & 2 mode settings:
    * Dryer: Select timer for 3/6/9 hours
    * UV-C: 20 mins per operation
    ● Battery power level ​tester​​​
    ● Sanitize face mask, hearing aids, and jewelry

  • Hearing Scanner

    Hearing Aid Accessories

    ● Made for both ear
    ● Each set has 50 dB and 70 dB scanners
    ● Every scanner has tow buttons, 1KHz, and 2KHz
    ● Simple and quick way to understand hearing condition

  • Mimitakara Batteries

    Hearing Aid Accessories

    ● Suitable for Any Type and Size of Hearing Aids
    ● High-Capacity Zinc-Air Battery with Stable Voltage

  • Mimiexam Hearing Test Set

    Hearing Aid Accessories

    ● Blue – Left Ear / Red – Right Ear
    ● Suitable for Phone or Tablet
    ● Included Adapter for Phone
    ● Included Portable Storage Case
    ● Increase accuracy by matching with our In-house App

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