• Mimitakara RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid 6EF

    True Wireless Stereo RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid

    Best Healthcare Manufacturer

    ● Delicate Receiver-in-Canal design
    ● Patented Millisecond Frequency Adjustment
    ● Enhances front voice while reducing noise from other directions
    ● App Easy Tunning (iOS & Android)
    ● 3 Listening Modes to Fit The Needs in Different Conversation Enviornment
    ● 11 Channels Adjustable (In Hearing Center)
    ● Provide 10 hours of continuous use time with a full charge
    ● IP54 Rated Dustproof and Waterproof

  • True Wireless Stereo Hearing Aid with Smart Control

    Best Healthcare Manufacturer

    ● True Wireless Stereo
    ● 8 Channel
    ● App Compatible
    ● 3 Listening Modes
    ● Charged By Type-C
    ● Advanced Noise Reduction
    ● Dual Direction Microphones
    ● Enhanced Speech Recognition
    ● Millisecond Frequency Adjustment
    ● Individually Adjustable Volume For Either Ear

  • Rechargeable ITC Hearing Aid

    Digital Hearing Aid

    ● Automatic on / off function
    ● 5 adjustable volume settings
    ● Rechargeable battery with Max. 14 hours of usage
    ● Easy to use and comfortable fit
    ● 10 Seconds delay avoiding feedback sound
    ● Charging stand makes your charging faster, more stable, and convenient

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