Bluetooth Solar LED Street Light

Think Green, Live Green
● Weather Resistant
● Adjustable Timer System
● Self-Sufficient Street Light
● Auto-Adjust LED Light Brightness
● Auto + Mechanical Breaking System

✅ Solar Panel:
The advanced 195W solar panels have a solar efficiency of up to 17.2% with an operating temperature of between -40 degrees centigrade and 85 degrees centigrade. The solar panels are made from high-grade materials that protect the solar panels from the weather elements. The solar panel comes with its own battery in case the wind turbine were to fail or break the solar panel will still be able to operate by itself.

✅ LED Light:
The LED street light has a life cycle of over 30 000 hours (3.42 years). The LED street light uses up to 75% less electricity and is 80% brighter than the normal conventional street light.

Why Use Our Solar Street Light
The solar panel that is mounted on top is durable, low maintenance, and alight the street light to generate more power. Coated with special high weather tolerant spray to protect the wind turbine from the elements such as rain and the harsh UV rays from the sun. Together with the solar panels, the hybrid street light will be able to generate enough electricity for your needs.

The MPPT of the solar panels is situated in the control box. The MPPTs are specially designed for the solar panel, this special design allows you to get the most power out of the sun as well as to protect your solar panels from overcharging.

The 300 Solar Panel is the perfect solution. Its high Wattage provides enough power to enable you to use the essentials for an enjoyable experience.

How To Use Our Solar Street Light
We supply you with the full kit and all the necessary parts and tools. All our solar street lights come with instructions on how to operate the solar street lights. Once fully installed the solar panel will working independently to gather power from the sun too.

Where Can Our Solar Street Light Be Used
The solar street light can be used anywhere as long as it is in an open area without sunlight blockage.

Model Number:ST-300
Solar Panel:300W
Model Number:UP4E21UP4E22
Power Consumption:20 Walts
Working Voltage:DC 12VDC 24V
Color Temperature:3000K5000K3000K5000K
Dimension:225 x 270 x 80 mm
Weight:2.7 Kgs


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