True Wireless Stereo RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid

● Hearing center/audiologist dispensing required
● Delicate Receiver-In-Canal design
● Patented millisecond frequency adjustment
● 11 Channels adjustable in hearing center or by hearing specialist
● Enhances front voice while reducing noise from other directions
● App easy tunning (iOS & Android)
● 3 Listening modes to fit the needs in different conversation enviornment
● Provide 10 hours of continuous use time with a full charge
● IP54 rated dustproof and waterproof
● Perfect Model for Hearing Center, Hospital, Clinic and Individual Audiologist

Suitable for Hearing Loss Level:

Mimitakara hearing aids hearing loss level moderate to severe

✅ TWS Technology:
Left and Right channel separately adjustable and automatically switching between hearing aid mode and bluetooth streaming mode

✅ Hearing Center/Hearing Specialist Professional Dispensing:
This model requires a hearing center or professional audiologist to perform a hearing test and select appropriate earphones and ear tips for you. There are up to 11 programmable channels for the specialist to fine-tune the hearing aids for your needs.

Welcome independent hearing aid dispensers & audiologists to contact us for cooperation.

✅App Self-Fitting:
By connecting your smart phone and hearing aid via goodHearing App, you can easily test and tune the hearing aids to suit your personal needs.
Our goodHearing App provides:

  • Three Level Noise Reduction to enhanced speech recognition
  • Sound Balance to adjust tone quality – from duller to sharper
  • Two-ear independent volume adjustment
  • Three pre-set modes for better hearing experience
  • Compatible with both Apple and Android devices

✅ Millisecond Frequency Adjustment (MFA) Technology:
With MFA Technology, our hearing aids enhance your speech recognition and provide better conversation experience

✅ Rechargeable:
Free yourself from the effort and cost of changing batteries by recharging your hearing aid in charging case.
The average recharging time is 4 hours. Provides up to 10 hours of continuous use time with a full charge.


1 x RIC Rechargeable Hearing Aid (Pair)
1 x Charging Storage Case
1 x Instruction Manual
Model NumberDP-6EF
Max. Output128±5 dB @SPL 90dB
Max. Gain50±5 dB
Continuous UseUp to 10 Hours
Battery TypeRechargeable Battery
Dimension14 x 7 x 33 mm / pcs
Weight5 g / pcs

SPL = Sound Pressure Level

Weight90 g


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