FDA MEMS Active Bluetooth Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Life Sounds So Sweet
● The World’s First Hearing Aid with MEMS Speaker Technology
● Around-The-Neck
● App self-fitting
● 3 listening modes
● Charged by Micro USB
● Advanced noise reduction
● Enhanced speech recognition
● Millisecond frequency adjustment (MFA)

Suitable for Hearing Loss Level:

Mimitakara hearing aids hearing loss level moderate to severe

The World’s First Hearing Aid with MEMS Speaker Technology
Mimitakara has partnered with xMEMS and EDOM Technology to incorporate xMEMS’ Montara technology into our 6EB3 hearing aid, delivering high-quality sound with low distortion for individuals with high-frequency hearing loss.

Montara’s vented speaker diaphragm also reduces pressure in the ear canal, leading to increased listening comfort and reduced fatigue with long-term wear. By utilizing semiconductor precision and manufacturing scalability, Montara provides exceptional reliability and robustness, making it the world’s first micro-speaker with an IP-58 rating for moisture and dust resistance.

 Self-Fitting/App Programmable:
Compatible with Apple and Android devices. Simple and easy to test and tune the hearing aid to suit the user’s personal need (self-fitting), enhanced speech recognition option, and adjust the volume for each ear independently directly through the goodHearing APP, to get a clearer tailored sound.

✅ MFA Technology:
MFA (Millisecond Frequency Adjustment) technology enhances speech recognition directly through the hearing aid, giving you a crisp clear conversation experience from beginning to end.

✅ Noise Reduction:
A built-in function uses sophisticated algorithms tuning to sort through the surrounding sounds that you are exposed to, filters, and suppresses the noise from actual speech sound. Less background noise = clearer conversations with loved ones.

✅ Rechargeable:
Includes a built-in rechargeable battery that is encased in the device. The average recharge time to fully recharge the hearing aid is ± 2 hours. There will be an indicator light to indicate that the device is charging. Up to 11 hours of continuous use per charge.

✅ Bluetooth Function:
A built-in Bluetooth chip that has a 2-way function. It can be paired with mobile devices. Playback the audio media from the connected device such as music and video. You will be able to make and received phone calls and talk naturally without holding the phone to the device. This allows you to received and make phone calls at the same hearing level too without needing to adjust the volume to your hearing needs.

✅ Modes:
Mimitakara UP-6EB2 has three pre-set modes to help you in getting the best hearing experience.
Preset (1) Standard Mode:
Mostly used indoors where the environment is not noisy, this is best used in quiet areas such as in your home, library, office, etc.
Preset (2) Noise Cancelling Mode:
This filter sounds that are often in the noise spectrum of the noise index out, allowing most of the vocal spectrum of sound to be increased so you can hear the person opposite you better, this is best used in restaurants, shopping malls, events shows, etc.
Preset (3) High-level Noise Cancelling Mode:
Providing superior noise-canceling in even the loudest environments, this is best used in cars, buses, trains, MRT, planes, etc.

1 x Active Hearing Aid
4 x Pairs of (Tiny, Small, Medium, Large) Size Earbuds
1 x Micro USB
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-6EB3
Type:Around-The-Neck (ATN)
Max. Output @ SPL 90 dB:135 ± 5 dB SPL
Max. Gain:60 ± 5 dB
Continuous Use:Up to 10 hours
Battery Type:Rechargeable Battery
Color:Silver Black
Dimension:160 x 190 x 11 mm
Weight:35 g

SPL = Sound Pressure Level


We specially made our hearing aid look like an activity Bluetooth earphone.
The inspiration for this hearing aid comes from you as our users, many of our users have informed us that they love our hearing aids and wanted one that they could use while they exercise.
The design is to fit any neck size as the band is elastic and can expand and shrink as needed. The design is to fit under a shirt or collar so that the clothing covers most of the device to make it truly discreet.

This type of hearing aid is one of the easiest to use and wear. There are no loose hanging wires that can get caught up, no need to identify which earphone goes into which ear and there are no messy tangled wires to deal with.
The hearing aid doesn’t fall out easily as it is hooked around your neck.

Effortlessly accessible and tactile to press when adjusting the volume. The symbol is easily recognizable for all ages of users.
Tone feedback when adjusting the volume that lets you sample the volume level as you adjust the volume.

The Mimitakara UP-6E52 comes with 3 preset modes that help you to adjust your hearing aid to your environment without a hassle.
Preset (1) Standard Mode:
Used indoor
Preset (2) Noise Cancelling Mode:
Used outdoor
Preset (3) High-level Noise Cancelling Mode:
Used in very loud environments

Unlike traditional hearing aids that have their microphone facing towards the back or upwards, our microphones are specially designed to be front-facing.
We realized that with the traditional method, the sound that was aid was usually in the direction of the microphones.
We designed it this way as people you have conversations with are usually facing you, so naturally, you would want to hear what/who is in front of you.

This product has 4 different sizes to fit your ear size needs.
It is important that the earbuds fit properly, firmly, and securely in your ears to prevent feedback and for a more enjoyable listening experience.

The connection from the Hearing Aid via Bluetooth to your mobile device is easy and simple.
It takes about 1 min to set up and once it’s paired with your device once, you won’t need to pair it again, it will remember up to 2 devices.

This function switches the device from its primary hearing aid function to its secondary function (which is to play media or answer calls) and vise versa, this is all done automatically without you having to press any buttons.

Works on both iOS and Android phones.
This function switches the device from its primary hearing aid function to its secondary function (which is to play media or answer calls) and vise versa, this is all done automatically without you having to press any buttons.

Works on both iOS and Android phones.

We understand with the ever rapid advancement within technology, many companies pack devices with a whole lot of features that often are not used and make the device complicated.
We have focused and invested most in easy and convenience of use for our users. We handle all the complicated software and hardware configurations and let you focus on the important things in life.

We developed hearing aids to be rechargeable with Micro USB through a power adapter, computer, or power bank.
With our built on foundation of breakthrough innovation in Integrated Circuit (IC) computer chip that has been integrated into the device with a large capacity battery, our hearing aid can give you all-day battery life with up to 10 hours continuous use.


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