IoT Sensor & Bridge


Think Green, Live Green
● Temperature Sensor
● Humidity Sensor
● Sound Detection
● Light Detection

● Network Topology
● Max Device Support 19 (1 Bridge & 18 Sensors)

✅ Sensor Working Mode:
* With Power Cable
Continuously Working, Power Consumption: <8mA
* High Illumination
Send Data per 10 minutes, Power Consumption: <8mA
* Low Illumination
Send Data per hour

✅ Bridge Working Mode:
Start sending data after connecting with the bridge(or gateway).

✅ IoT Application:
Our LED comes with a dedicated free-to-download APP for iOS and Android devices that offers a wide variety of controls that a normal remote control can’t offer.

Model Number:DP46118CA(Sensor)DP46128CA(Bridge)
MCU:Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840-DK
Wireless:BT 5.0
Power:USB-C Power Cable
FPC 5*5cm Dye-sensitized Cell
USB-C Power Cable
Battery:LIR2025 3.6V Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery


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