Industrial Powerful Farm Guard

Inspect, Protect, Prevent
● App Compatible
● Ultrasonic Wave
● Frequency Adjustment
● Waterproof Cover
● Ultra-wide Coverage Range
● Powered by AC Adapter or DC Battery
● Can Pair With Up to 10 Hi-power Addition Speakers

✅ Bluetooth and App Compatible:
Adjust the device’s settings on the smartphone.

✅ Ultrasonic Wave:
Adjustable frequency ranges to repel birds and animals according to the user’s needs.

✅ Waterproof Cover:
Front cover that protects the unit from getting wet.

✅ Spring Hook:
Come with a hook that can be hung on a bag or pants.

✅ Suitable For:
Use in outdoor.

✅ Addition Speakers Accessories:
Can Pair With Up to 10 Hi-power Addition Speakers.

1 x Farm Guard Pro
1 x Waterproof Cover
1 x Wall-mount Bracket
1 x Speakers Accessories (Not Included)
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-166
Frequency Range:4KHz – 32KHz
Effective Range:Within 4000ft² (400m²)
Power Supply:Battery (Not Included)
AC Adapter
Dimension:80 x 133 x 250 mm
3.1 x 5.2 x 9.8 inch
Weight:775g / 1.7lb


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