Car/RV’s/Bus Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller

Inspect, Protect, Prevent
● Easy to install
● Ultrasonic Wave
● Smart Detection
● 12V/24V Compatible
● Low Battery Protection
● Engine Heat Resistance
● Power indication LED and Hi/Lo Volume Switch

✅ Ultrasonic Wave:
High pitched sound waves disrupt and irritate the rodents and insects from their habitat.

✅ Easy Installation:
We understand that not everyone is technology savvy, that is why we have designed an animal/pest repeller for your car that is easy and can be done within only a few minutes.

✅ Protections:
Multiple built-in protection functions so you don’t harm yourself, your car, or the device. Low Voltage Protection, Positive and Negative Polarity Protection, 12V and 24V Compatible (will auto-detect the voltage of the battery and adopt the needed voltage.) & Build material (The material is made with high-temperature resistance and can withstand high and cold temperature).

✅ No Harmful Chemicals Needed:
With our technology and our ultrasonic sound wave with all of its clever technology, this is the best animal/pest repeller for your vehicle on the market. We focus on purely repelling and not killing, therefore no harm comes to the animals and rodents that it repels such as cats, rats, mice, squirrels, and other small animals.

✅ High Quality:
Our car pest repeller uses multiple combinations of advanced technology to ensure that the best protection that goes into your vehicle. The main technology that is used to repel rodents and animals is the ultrasonic transmitter that has 2 preset dB (sound) level settings to give you optimal protection. The tech Auto-Switching, allowing the frequency to constantly change so that the animals and pests don’t get used to the same sound being produced.

✅ Moisture Resistant:
Made with tough high heat resistant materials that can withstand the average heat that is produced by the engine without melting. It uses the battery from your vehicle to operate, compatible with 12V & 24V batteries which average cars and trucks use. The reason why we don’t use conventional batteries is that they don’t have as much heat resistance and in turn make it dangerous when they reach a high temperature.

✅ Moisture Resistant:
Extends the product life.

✅ Suitable For:
Use in car, van, truck, etc.

1 x Car Pest Repeller
4 x Cable Tie
1 x 100cm Cable Connector
1 x 3M Double Sided Sticker
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-11N8
Frequency Range:9KHz – 24KHz (Auto-sweeping)
Effective Range:Within 300ft² (30m²)
Protection:Vise Versa Connection
Engine Heat Resistance
Low Voltage Protection
Voltage:12V & 24V (Auto-switching)
Dimension:110 x 98 x 244 mm
4.3 x 3.9 x 9.6 inch
Weight:100g / 0.2lb


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