7500W Power Station

Think Green, Live Green
● Max. Output 5KW
● 6KW Solar MPPT
● 7.5KWh Lithium battery
● Built-in intelligent UPS system
● Energy Management system
● Input/ Output 110V
● Battery Pack 48V
● Touch-sensitive Manual operation panel

Model Number: UP
Rated Capacity: 5kW AC Output
Display/Control Interface: Intelligent Energy Management System
Equipment: 5kW Intelligent Multifunctional
Inverter (includes 6kW Solar Charger, Battery Controller)
Power Storage Module: 48VDC, 7.5kWh Power Storage Module
Communication: MODBUS Infinity remote monitoring module
Protection: AC/DC Distribution Control Panel
Shock Protection
Dimension: 750 x 570 x 1500 mm
Weight: 250kg


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