500W Solar MPPT Charger 12V

Think Green, Live Green
● DIY Instruction Provided
● Low Maintance & Resistance
● Large DC input voltage range
● Applicable to 12V battery pack system
● Over Charging, High Voltage & Over Heating Protection
● Data collecting & management via the wireless function

✅ Feature:
The 500W Solar MPPT is a hybrid MPPT that allows you to connect the MPPT to either on-grid or off-grid system.

Why Use the Solar MPPT
Digisine’s Solar MPPT is made from high-quality material that can disperse heat more equally and allow the MPPT to stay cooler.
The MPPT allows you to switch between either on or off-grid use. This means that you can connect the MPPT directly to a battery that you want to charge or simply plug the MPPT into your grid-tie inverter and the inverter to the wall’s AC Outlet and the MPPT will feed electricity to the inverter which will feed the electricity back on the grid allowing you to use the electricity later and save on your electrical bill.
This MPPT has been fitted with a microcontroller unit (MCU) which is a fully digital controllable MPPT. This allows the preset computer system in the MCU to control the electricity flow in and out of the MPPT.
The Solar MPPT has a high safety record that keeps both the devices and you safe. It comes with short circuit, overload, low voltage, high voltage, and over-temperature protection.
It also comes with a large range DC input voltage range with a buck-boost conversion.

How To Use the Solar MPPT
The Solar MPPT is simple to set up, by following the detailed instruction to set the MPPT up. Once set up the MPPT will run almost maintenance-free. We keep all our products easy to use and as close as possible to abide by the plug-n-play rule.

Where Can the Solar MPPT Be Used
The MPPT can be used at home or the office as an on-grid system to reduce electricity usage from the grid which in turn will reduce your electricity bill.
Since the MPPT is a hybrid and can be used on both on-grid and off-grid, the MPPT is also great to be used in areas where there are solar panels generating electricity to be stored in the batteries.

1 x 500W Solar MPPT Charger 12V
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number: UP-5P43
Max. Watt: 500W
DC Input Voltage: 12V (10~43V)
DC Rated Input Voltage: 36V
Stand-by Current: ≦0.1A
Rated Input Current: 13A
PV Device VOC*: ≧ 44V
DC Output Voltage: >9-16V
DC Output Current: >28A
Efficiency: 92%
Protection: Short Circuit
Low Voltage
High Voltage
Over Temperature
Dimension: 22.2 x 14.3 x 5.1 cm
Weight: 1.42Kg

* VOC: Open-Circuit Voltage
UPC Number: 471 191 435 411 5


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