4500W Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Think Green, Live Green
● Compact design
● Soft-Star Technology
● Support By-Pass Mode
● LCD status display screen
● AC to DC and DC to AC Compatible
● App compatible with iOS & Android
● Over Charging & Heating Protection

✅ Feature:
Automaxx packs many features into one smart compact design. This is a 4500W pure sine wave inverter that is configured with the latest Soft-Star Technology and it can improve inverter operation. This pure sine wave inverter provides stable power and it can be used to run the electronic equipment that modified sine wave inverters cannot.

✅ Protection:
The pure sine wave inverter is equipped with additional safety features such as Low Battery Shutdown, Input Overload Voltage, Output Overload, Temperature Overload, and Short Circuit Shutdown.

✅ Input & Output:
The front packs 6 100V/120 AC output ports that are made for American plugs. The back includes chassis ground, a battery input connection terminal, and one cooling fan.

✅ Advantages:
The 4500w pure sine wave inverter converts low voltage, direct current (DC) to 110-volt alternating household current (AC) depending on the model and its rated capacity. It can work with small electronic tools, air pumps, electronic doors, small motors, refrigerators, and hair dryers.

✅ Includes:
The pure sine wave power inverter and comes with Bluetooth inverter remote controller with mobile apps (iOS and Android).

1 x 4500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number:UP-8B2V
Max. Continuous Power:4500W
Surge Power:9000W
Wave Form:Pure Sine Wave
DC Input Voltage​:12V (11~16V) / 24V (21~31V)
AC Output:100V / 120V / 230V
Fuse​:8 x 40A / 8 x 30A




Low Battery Shutdown

Input Overload Voltage

Temperature Overload

Short Circuit Shutdown

Soft-Start System:Yes
Remote Control:Yes (Optional)
Internet Of Things (IoT):Yes (Optional)
Dimension:47 x 40 x 18 cm
Weight:11.34 Kgs


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