20W Bluetooth LED Street Light

Think Green, Live Green
● Weather Resistant
● Corrosion Resistant
● Adjustable Timer System
● Self-Sufficient Street Light
● Auto-Adjust LED Light Brightness
● Auto-dimming according to voltage

✅ LED Light:
The LED street light has a life cycle of over 30 000 hours (3.42 years). The LED street light uses up to 75% less electricity and is 80% brighter than the normal conventional street light.

✅ IoT Application:
Our LED comes with a dedicated free-to-download APP for iOS and Android devices that offers a wide variety of controls that a normal remote control can’t offer such as a live visual status report, timer setting, brightness level, geo-positioning, etc.

✅ Brightness:
LEDs that are calibrated to produce super bright light when needed. Brightness levels can reach up to 5,400 Lumens and comes with an option of either a color temperature of 4,300K or 5,400K. The lights have a wide coverage area of 120 degrees angle coverage.

✅ Guaranteed Quality:
The construction materials are specially designed for outdoor use. The body is made of high-grade aluminum for better heat dissipation and makes it rust/corrosion-resistant and this also keeps the lamplight compact for easy installation. The frame of the light is IP65 rated and is water and dustproof to normal weather conditions to ensure the longevity of the light.

✅ Power Saving:
The lamp uses 56W of DC power directly from the battery bank with no need for an inverter. This means there is more energy saved because there is no energy conversion needed from DC to AC and also no need for a standby current support for the inverter. The built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the lamp accordingly to the environment surrounding lights to save power when a light source is not needed.

✅ Money-Saving:
The lamp uses LED technology which offers a longer use life (up to 20,000 hours of use), more power/electricity savings, minimum installation cost due to easy to install features in places such as gardens, yards, parking lots, factories, parks, garages, schools, sports fields, etc. and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The lamp can be set up with your green energy power generating system to ensure that the lamp uses 100% clean and renewable energy.

Model Number:UP4E21UP4E22
Power Consumption:20 Walts
Working Voltage:DC 12VDC 24V
Color Temperature:3000K5000K3000K5000K
Dimension:225 x 270 x 80 mm
Weight:2.7 Kgs


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