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TWS Hearing Aid

Our new TWS Hearing aid is an overall upgrade from traditional hearing aids. In light of technological advancements, we continued to innovate and improve our hearing aids to bring in the latest technologies for our hearing aid family.

Here is a list of features that you can expect to get:
⭐️ In-ear Design: To isolate the sound produced from the hearing aid
⭐️ Design Upgrade: Lighter and easier to use with auto on feature
⭐️ Noise Reduction: Enhance noise isolation and reduction using the new semiconductor chip.
⭐️ MFA Technology: (MFA – Millisecond Frequency Adjustment) technology to enhance speech recognition to offer a more crisp clear conversation experience.
⭐️ TWS Technology: Allowing up to 2 devices to be paired via Bluetooth. This allows each hearing aid (Left and Right) ear to operate independently.
⭐️ BLE Technology: (BLE – Bluetooth Low Energy) This also allows for steaming media and have phone calls directly from your phone using significantly less battery power.
⭐️ Noise Reduction: Dual microphone for each earphone to enhance voice clarification
⭐️ App Programmable: Free downloadable APP on both (iOS and Android) allows you to self-program these hearing aids to tailor suit your individual hearing aid requirements for each ear.

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