Mimitakara’s Hearing Train got huge applaud from Taiwan’s Digital Minister

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Mimitakara a subsidiary of Digisine Energytech and Taiwan’s only Hearing Aid manufacturer. Since Mimitakara’s entrance into the Hearing Aid sector, has won multiple awards and prizes for irreplaceable contribution in Hearing Aid R&D and Innovation and became one of the market leaders which is more than a decade now. Apart from its product and unmatched customer service, Mimitakara is famous for its charity activities too.

Clark Wu (吳少暉) (CEO, Mimitakara): We are working constantly here to deliver the best possible gift to a Hearing Loss person, “Melody/ Sound”. The smile, happiness, and satisfaction on our customer’s face after using our Hearing Aids is what keeps us motivated and driving through all. It is our mission and vision to reach each and every Hearing Loss person.

Clark Wu (吳少暉) (CEO, Mimitakara) and Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐鳳)

In Oct 2019, David Wu (吳志賢) (CEO, Digisine) and Yilan City Mayor flag off the Mimitakara Hearing Train from Yilan city with only aim to help the Hearing Impair who can’t afford expensive Hearing Aids and make their life melodious again.

Yilan City Mayor Chiang Tsung-Yuan and David Wu (吳志賢) (CEO, Digisine ) flagging-off Mimitakara’s Hearing Train

In its journey of 18th month, the train traveled throughout Taiwan many cities and counties. With the active participation of local government and city management, we were able to touch more than 10000 lives and came across many heart-melting incidents. The train targets trier 2 &3 cities and counties where Hearing Loss Aids and related supports are rarely available which are,

  1. Yilan City 宜蘭市
  2. Suao 蘇澳
  3. Sanxing 三星
  4. Luodong 羅東
  5. Yilan 宜蘭
  6. Jiaoxi 礁溪
  7. New Taipei City 新北市
  8. Taoyuan 桃園
  9. Taichung 台中
  10. Chiayi City 嘉義市
  11. Chiayi 嘉義
  12. Tainan 台南
  13. Kaohsiung 高雄
  14. Hualien 花蓮
Chiayi County Mayor Ang Tsiong-Niû, Clark Wu (吳少暉) (CEO, Mimitakara) and David Wu (吳志賢) (CEO, Digisine)
Hualien County Mayor Hsu Chen-Wei and Clark Wu (吳少暉) (CEO, Mimitakara)

Taiwan’s Digital Minister, Audrey Tang (唐鳳) when came to know about this hearing train and was so impressed with the efforts by us and gave an official visit to our office in New Taipei city and applaud our work and shout-out for Minitakara’s Hearing Train during his visit. Also promised to provide more support from the government side to carry our such wonderful events in the future.

Mimitakara Team explain about its Hearing Aids to the Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐鳳) and team
Digital Minister Audrey Tang (唐鳳), experiencing Mimitakara’s Cloud Hearing

This is just one of the charity events from Mimitakara. Digisine is involved in many such activities through rotary clubs, Inspiring Story events, and many more.

Help the needy!

Know someone who can get benefited from the event, please share his/her story at info@digimaxproducts.com and support us to extend our helping hands

Criteria to avail the benefit,
– Hearing Loss 60dB or higher
– Share the Audiogram,
– Recent Photo
– Short Story
– Location

Mimitakara’s Hearing Train will keep railing and cross all boundaries until it reaches and services the last Hearing Loss.

David Wu
CEO, Digisine Energytech. Co. Ltd.

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