12V専用 1500W 矩形波インバーター

Think Green, Live Green
● Compact design
● Cooling System
● Multiple Protection
● Include Additional Fuse
● Additional USB Power Supply
● Over Charging & Heating Protection

・ AC出力コンセント 4口
・ USB出力付き 5V
・ 保護機能付き
・ ON/OFF有線リモコン付き

用途例 ※下記用途例はあくまでも目安です。使用機器の定格消費電力が、本製品の定格出力容量以内であることをご確認ください。

✅ Input & Output:
The front packs 4 100V/120 AC output ports that are made for American plugs. The back includes chassis ground, a battery input connection terminal, and one cooling fan.

✅ Advantages:
The 1500w modified sine wave inverter converts low voltage, direct current (DC) to 110-volt alternating household current (AC) depending on the model and its rated capacity. It can work with small electronic tools, air pumps, electronic doors, small motors, refrigerators, and hair dryers.

✅ Includes:
The modified sine wave power inverter and comes with Bluetooth inverter remote controller with mobile apps (iOS and Android).

1 x Alum. Modified Sine Wave Inverter+USB Port
1 x Remote Control (Optional)
1 x Instruction Manual
Model Number: UP-8PAN
Max. Continuous Power: 1500W
Surge Power: 3000W
Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave
DC Input Voltage​: 12V (11~14.5V) / 24V (22~30V)
AC Output: 230V
Efficiency: ≧80%
Fuse​: 4 x 40A / 4 x 25A
USB Port​: 2.1A / 1A




Low Battery Shutdown

Input Overload Voltage

Temperature Overload

Short Circuit Shutdown

Soft-Start System: Yes
Remote Control: Yes (Optional)
Internet Of Things (IoT): Yes (Optional)
Dimension: 30.6 x 18.2 x 8.2 cm
Weight: 2.25 Kgs

12V, 24V



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