Introducing Solar Animal Repeller

1,500W Hybrid Inverter: Your Best Companion on Your Next Road Trip

New outdoor pest and animal repeller!
The UP-16F outdoor pest and animal repeller incorporates our most advance outdoor pest repelling technology.

⭐️ App Compatibility: To make adjustments to the repeller from the comfort of your own home
⭐️ Infrared Tracking Detection: Detects movement and activates automatically
⭐️ 6 High Powered Strobe Lights: To ward off nocturnal rodents and animals from your property
⭐️ Powerful Adaptive Ultrasonic Waves: 8 adjustable frequency-changing ultrasonic sound waves in bursts to impair rodents’ and animals’ sense of hearing. Equivalent to an F16 fighter jet in decibel (volume loudness) but inaudible to humans.
⭐️ Solar-Powered: Self-sustaining and moisture-resistant housing to keep maintenance low.

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