8 Speaker Pest Repeller

1,500W Hybrid Inverter: Your Best Companion on Your Next Road Trip

Our Brand New 8 Speaker Pest Repeller (1KA). Our most powerful indoor pest repeller now comes with our free APP to make it more convenient for you to control your pest repelled.

⭐️ 8 Powerful Ultrasonic Speakers
⭐️ Auto-sweeping Oscillating Frequency Output
⭐️ Volume (dB) Adjustment for Environmental Needs
⭐️ 360-degree Coverage Protection
⭐️ No Harmful Chemicals
⭐️ Pet friendly
⭐️ Smartphone App Link Compatible!

Smartphone App Features
⭐️ Switching On / Off
⭐️ Switching Modes
⭐️ Scheduling On / Off by Days of the Week and Time

Download App on iOS or Android
🔗 App: https://www.digisineproducts.com/bluetooth-pest-repeller/
🛒 Buy Now: https://apesto.com/shop/digimax-digital-8-speaker-bluetooth-pest-repeller/

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Apesto (Digimax) Pest Repeller
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