1500W Smart Hybrid Inverter

1,500W Hybrid Inverter: Your Best Companion on Your Next Road Trip

Now comes with a free iOS and Android App to control and monitor your inverter directly from your mobile device.

Works best with your solar panels for green energy charging and AC power outlet. The inverter can work as a UPS or as a green energy management system.

⭐️ Switch On and Off your Inverter
⭐️ Switch Modes (AC Priority or DC Priority)
⭐️ Power Status
⭐️ Battery Status
⭐️ Solar power Status
⭐️ Input Power Information
⭐️ Output Power Information

Download Now:
🔗 iOS
🔗 Android
🛒 Buy Now: https://www.automaxxwindmill.com/1500w-hybrid-inverter.html

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